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The Difference Between PVC Floor And Linen Floor


PVC flooring and linoleum flooring are both resilient flooring, but they are different:

Difference in composition and production process:

Linoleum flooring is made by laminating a mixture of oxidized linseed oil, cork and wood flour onto a jute backing.The PVC floor is based on polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, coloring agents and other auxiliary materials, on a continuous sheet of substrate, through coating process or calendering, extrusion or produced by extrusion process.From this point of view, the linen is made of pure natural linen, while the PVC floor is made of polyvinyl chloride, but it is also a green material.

Difference in wear resistance and stability:

The scoring resistance of the linoleum floor is average, and the linoleum floor is hard and soft. This is why the scoring resistance of the thick linoleum floor is not very good. In comparison, the abrasion resistance of the PVC floor is better.In addition, the dimensional stability of the linoleum floor is general, so a strong glue must be used. On the whole, the stability of the linoleum floor is not as good as that of the PVC floor.

Difference in maintenance difficulty:

The linoleum floor needs to be cured under natural light. The sample and the actual object will be different and yellow. The resistance of the linoleum floor to the maintenance products (PH>7) is poor. The linoleum floor must use special maintenance products when it needs to be polished and waxed. Linen flooring is much harder than PVC flooring, but because the surface is porous, all stains must be quickly removed, otherwise the surface will leave marks that are difficult to remove and have to be polished and waxed again.Because it is not a thermoplastic material, it cannot be recycled, and the burned marks can be easily polished off. However, for deeper burn marks, transparent PVC flooring is much easier to polish than linen flooring.

Difference in installation difficulty:

It is difficult to install linen flooring. If the indoor temperature is too low, the linen flooring will break.Due to its absorbing nature and dimensional instability, the product must be installed quickly with strong glue.Linseed oil is not sensitive to temperature. You cannot use welding rods of the same material for welding, so it is not a welding but a "joint", so the linseed floor cannot be classified as E3 waterproof,linoleum flooring is not suitable for damp rooms or areas with cleanliness requirements.The linen floor will emit a strong smell and stay in the installation room.