PVC Sheet Application

  1. After PVC is mixed with additives and plasticized, a three-roll or four-roll calender is used to make a transparent or colored film with a specified thickness. The film is processed in this way to become a calendered film.
  2. Packing bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys, etc. can be processed by cutting and heat sealing.
  3. The wide transparent film can be used for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and mulch.
  4. The biaxially stretched film has the characteristics of heat shrinkage and can be used for shrink packaging.
  5. When mixing soft PVC boards, add a proper amount of foaming agent to make a sheet, which is foamed into foam plastic, which can be used as foam slippers, sandals, insoles, and shock-proof cushioning packaging materials.
  6. The extruder can be used to form low-foaming hard PVC boards and profiles, which can replace wood for trial use. It is a new type of construction material.

The impact modifier and organotin stabilizer are added to the PVC board, which is mixed, plasticized and calendered to become a transparent sheet. Thermoforming can be made into thin-walled transparent containers or used for vacuum blister packaging. It is an excellent packaging material and decorative material, such as moon cake packaging boxes.

Stabilizers, lubricants and fillers are added to PVC, and after rolling and overlapping hot pressing, it can be made into hard plates of various thicknesses. The plate can be cut into the required shape, and then welded with hot air using PVC welding rod to form various chemical resistant storage tanks, air ducts and containers.