PVC Wall Panel
PVC Wall Panel
PVC Wall Panel
PVC Wall Panel
PVC Wall Panel
PVC Wall Panel

PVC Wall Panel

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Save money on professional Panel. With a great selection of PVC and Timber Cladding, TOTE can supply quality cladding for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen. Our PVC wall panel is not only completely water-resistant but also aesthetically pleasing due to the variety of decorative patterns ranging from unvarnished and high gloss panels to printed panels with wood designs.

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PVC PVC Wall Panel is a waterproof wall covering that has a multitude of uses throughout your home or workspace. Whether you are looking to remodel your outdoor wall or kitchen or waterproof your garage wall or ceiling we have a solution that will fit perfectly and at an unbeatable price.

PVC PVC Wall Panel is setting standards in hygienic cladding. The antibacterial active ingredient is a silver glass matrix which provides dual biostatic and biocidal action and is 99.9% effective in stopping bacterial growth and killing bacteria on the sheet.

The characteristic smooth, easy clean and durable surface of TOTE PVC Wall Panel make it the ideal cladding material for walls and ceilings. It transforms normal wall finishes into an even,cleanable surface which is impervious to the ingress of dirt.PVC Wall Panel is easy to handle, cut and bond, making installation straight forward and simple.

First step: fix the keel
Arrange the keels equably on the concrete flooring. We suggest there is 30cm distance between each keel. There should be 5mm distance between connecting of keels to avoid expanse (see pic 2). Fix the expanding tube on the wall no far than 40cm and drill on the keel at the same place of expanding tube. Then fix the keel to the wall with screws. Please do not leave the nail/screw heads above the top surface; otherwise it will make the surface of WPC jagged.

Second step: fix wall panel
A. Horizontal installation
Fix the stainless fitting A on the keel horizontally with 3X18mm screws, fix the below tongue of wall panel to the fitting and the up tongue to the keel with nails. Please keep suitability distance between each to avoid expanse. Side cover can be used to reinforce.

The up tongue should be reinforced by copper or stainless nail

Vertical installation
Fix the one side of first panel to the keel with stainless screw, and the other side to the keel with stainless fitting B. and then one side of second panel can fix to the stainless fitting of the first one. Please keep suitability distance between each to avoid expansion. Side cover can be used to reinforce.

Third step: cover
Install with corner cover with stainless screw or copper nail.

Attention: it is suggested that more than two people working together during installing the panel. This WPC material may be broken if attacked or fell from high.