Material Characteristics Of PVC Fence

  1. The material of PVC fence is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and widely used. PVC resin is white or light yellow powder. According to different purposes, different additives can be added, and PVC plastics can present different physical and mechanical properties. Adding an appropriate amount of plasticizer to PVC resin can make a variety of hard, soft and transparent products.
  2. The density of pure PVC is 1.4g/cm3, and the density of PVC plastic parts with plasticizers and fillers is generally 1.15-2.00g/cm3.
  3. Hard PVC has good tensile, bending, compression and impact resistance, and can be used as a structural material alone.
  4. The flexibility, elongation at break, and cold resistance of soft PVC will increase, but the brittleness, hardness, and tensile strength will decrease.
  5. PVC has good electrical insulation properties, can be used as low-frequency insulation material, and its chemical stability is also good. Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, long-term heating will cause decomposition, release HCL gas, and make PVC discolor, so its application range is narrow, and the use temperature is generally between -15 and 55 ℃.