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High Quality Outdoor PVC Fence

SEVEN TRUST High Quality Outdoor PVC Fence provides high quality composite fences for families and business owners at competitive prices. For more than eight years, our family owned and operated fencing companies have met thousands of customers across the world through our professional fencing programs.

High Quality Outdoor PVC Fence is made up of 95% recycled materials and contains no hazardous chemicals. Even SEVEN TRUST manufacturing process is green with the elimination of smoke stacks and reduced CO2 emissions. Vinyl fencing manufacturers new PVC, a controversial material that is not eco-friendly.And vinyl uses chlorine, a chemical that can be hazardous to people and the environment. If you are focused on having a responsible, eco-friendly building, don’t mar your landscape by using vinyl.

Because high quality outdoor PVC fence is the stronger, better-built product, this also means that it does better in even the most extreme weather conditions. When you build an outdoor fence, you expect it to handle the outdoor weather. Vinyl fence reacts badly to cold weather, becoming very brittle and breakable, while also expanding in hot weather. Because of the changes it makes in extreme temperatures, the panels can warp and will need to be replaced if you still want a fence that is private and secure.

Our outdoor PVC fence does not warp and the special interlocking design of the pickets will ensure that your fence is always private. Our composite fence has even been tested to withstand hurricane force winds. Often, in wind, vinyl pickets will simply pop out and fly around the yard while the post will buckle and snap in half. Vinyl’s lightweight and flimsy design is better used as a kite than a fence in windy areas.

We have excellent reviews and excellent craftsmanship and honest business practices. All of our fence construction and installation work is made up of our own fencing specialists who have an average of 15 years of industry experience and all work is closely monitored by our owners.

If you are interested in exploring beautiful, long lasting and low maintenance fence options for your home or business, please call us today to learn about our composite fences and decks.